10 Essential Winter touring tips for Caravanners

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For those of you whose Touring holiday season is all year round, it is essential for you to familiarise yourself with our top 10 tips for your winter break this year......

Tip 1 - Fresh Water: Always make sure you have a large supply of fresh water especially whilst touring in cold icy conditions. With the likeliness of your caravan's pipes/taps freezing up during a frost and stopping your water supply, it is always best to have a reserve of water just in case stored at room temperature.

Tip 2 - Gas Bottle:As a number one priority you should always check you have a full gas bottle before heading off on your adventure. In some cases, if the weather has taken a turn for the worst, we do suggest you have a spare full gas bottle at the ready so you can always stay warm from the icy nights.

Tip 3 - Snow Chains:In severe weather conditions, we suggest using snow chains on your tyres for extra grip on the roads as towing a touring caravan adds extra weight causing you to be more prone to skidding & Jack-knifing.

Tip 4 - Awning:A porch awning with extra strong steel pegs & storm straps to secure it, is always handy for storing your extra winter accessories when touring during the winter. Always check the roof has enough support to prevent rain or snow from collecting on top.

Tip 5 - Wheel /Hitch Lock:Even though this tip can be used all year round, it is especially vital to carry a Wheel Lock or Hitch lock with you during the winter season to prevent theft or movement of your caravan. From parking your Tourer at your holiday destination, to pausing for a break at a motorway services or petrol station, by fitting a lock of some sort to the wheels or tow bar of your caravan, this should work as a deterrent from theft.

Tip 6 - Rock Salt, Shovel, Grip Pads:Should things get slippery this winter... Ensure to carry some Rock Salt, a Shovel & Grip Pads, to avoid skidding when you're on your travels with your touring caravan. Some experts also advise carrying an old piece of carpet around with you to gain traction on your wheels when pulling off.

Tip 7 - Heating & Insulation: Most modern caravans are now double glazed, however, for those that don't, plastic sheeting can be placed over the existing windows for that extra insulation. A good heating system is also vital in keeping all warm & cosy. Perhaps a low-wattage radiator/electric heater would be most suitable.

Tip 8 - Exceeding Weight Expectations:When carrying all your extra winter supplies, make sure you don't exceed your recommended weight limit on your touring caravan. You can find the towing weight of your car in your Car Manufacture's handbook.

Tip 9 - Extra Food & Drink:To avoid that empty feeling, always stock up on extra food and drink to feed yours and your family's cravings in the cold winter weather. This will warm you up and bring back the holiday spirit during your winter break.

Tip 10 - Warm Clothing:Another vital accessory for your winter break is to keep your coats, hats, scarves & gloves handy with you at all times when the temperatures drop & the snow starts to fall.

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