10 Gadgets To Make Your Caravanning Holiday

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When off on your adventure in your touring caravan, it is important to have those essential accessories with you, but also try taking some high-tec accessories that could make your touring break away more relaxed and care-free than ever before. Take a look at our list of 'the top 10 gadgets' to make your holiday experience even better this year!!

Gadget 1 - Remote Control Mover: We all know how difficult it is to get your caravan in the perfect position on its plot. For a helping hand when parking your caravan why not invest in a remote caravan mover which will operate the wheels and steer it in the right direction. A remote control caravan mover is a system of electric movers which motivates rollers pressed against the tyres of your caravan, which are controlled by a hand held remote. Using this remote, you can transport your caravan forwards, backwards & turn into your desired direction. A remote caravan mover will take away the dangers and stress of moving your tourer by hand.

Gadget 2 - Caravan SATNAV GPS: It is no secret that driving whilst touring a caravan is more difficult and time consuming on your journey. SATNAV manufacturers have now devised a GPS specifically for touring caravan and motorhome owners, whereby you can programe in the dimensions and weight of your car and caravan so the device can adapt the route of your journey in order to avoid narrow lanes, low bridges and windy roads. The GPS also has thousands of touring/camping sites programmed in so if you’re feeling spontaneous, you can pick a destination at random.

Gadget 3 - Compact Handheld Vacuum: It's always handy to have a compact vacuum cleaner to hand to clean up any dirt or mess. This is a very efficient piece of cleaning equipment to keep in your touring caravan; it's small and easy to store away and can reach in to those small spaces- keeping your caravan clean all the time!

Gadget 4 - Reversing Camera Systems:  When touring a caravan, there is always the difficulty of reverse parking, so we would suggest installing some reverse cameras on the back of your van to view in your car, therefore making it easier to park your caravan on a pitch/ storing area.

Gadget 5 - Portable Hob: A portable hob is a must have in your touring caravan, if you don't have the cooking facilities already installed in your caravan, why not bring along a portable hob?!? You can make a range of tasty meals using a portable hob, its also very easy to clean and a necessity when the weather is cold outside and need a hot tasty meal to warm you up.

Gadget 6 - Slow Cooker: Despite primarily being used during the winter, a slow cooker is perfect for rustling up a tasty meal that takes little prep or effort to make all year round, which is perfect for whilst your on your caravanning holidays, simply add your desired ingredients and leave to cook whilst you go out and enjoy your day, then return to a delicious meal for all the family to enjoy.

Gadget 7 - Kettle: To most caravanners, a kettle is a modern necessity that you cannot go on holiday without, For making that essential cup of tea in the morning, or boiling water to cook tonights tea, it is always a handy gadget to keep in your caravan. Ensure to buy a low wattage kettle that won't trip the electric in your tourer.

Gadget 8 - Grill:  This gadget is considered vital in rustling up a quick meal, from cooking a full breakfast, to grilling some steak for dinner, for when you want to spend the majority of your holiday out & about, it is a quick & easy solution for a tasty home cooked meal as well as being compact enough to store away when not in use & take on your travels.

Gadget 9 - Torch: We would recommend taking a torch on all your travels for numerous reasons, should you have to pitch up your tourer in the dark, a torch is a crucial gadget to have to hand. It is also a handy tool for when your taking a moonlight stroll back to your caravan after a fun-filled night of entertainment at the clubhouse or popping down to the shower blocks in the early mornings. A definite "must have" gadget for your travels.

Gadget 10 - Portable TV: This is the ultimate gadget to keep the children (as well as adults) entertained whilst on long journeys to your touring destination. Bring all your favorite DVD's to enjoy with the whole family, both in the car and in your touring caravan.

We hope you have found our list of "Top 10 Gadgets to make your caravanning holiday" useful & motivating. We are sure you will have your own favorite gadget to take with you on your touring holidays, why not get in touch with us via Facebook or Twitter using #toptouringgadget & let us know what gadget you cannot be with out on your travels.

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