A Helpful Guide To Choosing A Holiday Park

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This guide is for anyone considering buying a static caravan or holiday home on a park in the UK.

First step before even looking at caravans and holiday homes is finding the right holiday park for you and your family.

The second step of course will be choosing the actual holiday home but where it is located is the most important first step when you come to buy.


When we are thinking about buying a bricks and mortar home we take into consideration specifics like schools, shops, transport links, family and work. When it comes to choosing the location of a holiday home these obligations don’t need to be taken into consideration.A holiday home can be just around the corner or miles away from anywhere. What’s important is when you arrive and open the door of your holiday home you feel like you are on holiday.

Travel Time

A travel time of 1.5 to 2 hours is said to make us feel we are far enough away from day to day life to feel like we are on holiday. This is also a journey time that most feel they could do regularly without dreading it.Using a map draw a circle around the location you live in and make a list of what parks are in that circle. If you feel you are happy to have a longer journey time you can create a second list of parks that are 2 hours plus travel time.Remember to take into consideration the cost of fuel the further you travel the more expensive you will make your holiday and this may affect how often you are able to use your holiday home.

Town, Sea or Countryside?

This is a big decision and should be given careful thought. As a general rule most people buy their holiday home in the opposite area to where they live. So if you live on the coast you are more likely to choose and inland location and vice versa.

Park Size

Caravan parks come in all shapes and sizes. Park sizes vary from small sites holding just a handful of holiday homes to those that hold 700 +. And the facilities within the parks will also vary from parks that offer lots of activities and entertainment to those that have fewer activities for a quieter holiday to the ones in between.

Park Facilities

It’s important once you start viewing the parks on your list that you and your family are going to feel at ease at the park and the facilities are what you want for now and in the future as this is an investment you are going to have for some time. Will you and your family grow with the park or will you out grow it in a few years, if the park is targeted mainly for young families.Make a list of things that are important to you and you hope the park will offer. The park should as they say ‘tick most of the boxes’, so if an outdoor pool is a must on your list you will need to focus your searches on parks that have a pool and then look at the other facilities they offer.

Opening Times

Holiday parks differ from residential parks as they don’t stay open all year round. The season for most caravan parks is 9 months long. Each site has its own licence which will state the opening and closing times. As an example Cosgrove Park is open from April 1st until November 1st each year.When the park is closed during the winter months you are still able to visit from 9.00am until 4.00pm Monday - Saturday and 10.00am - 4.00pm Sunday.

The Rule Book

All holiday parks will have a rule book; this ensures that everyone in the park has a good time without being a problem to anyone else. The rules are there, however petty you may think to protect everyone and to keep everyone safe.If you feel you are unable to abide by the guidelines set out by the management then our best advice is to walk away from that particular site and perhaps look for another site that rules are more to your liking. Remember however that with today’s health and Safety legislation's the basics rules will probably apply across the board.

Speak To Other Owners

By speaking to other owners on the park you can get a real idea of how the park is run, how problems are dealt with and what it’s really like staying on the park. Parks tend to have a community feel about them do you feel you could become part of this community?Parks have a target market do you feel like you fit in? As you wander around the park do you feel happy and comfortable?The Local AreaIt is always important that the local area offers you and your family attractions and places to visit. You will not want to spend all your time within the park so make sure that there are places of interest or facilities to meet your needs.

Check List

Now you have done all your homework you are in a good position to decide on the park that is going to best suit you. Here are some questions you should ask yourself to help you know if the park is right for you:

Is the travel time do-able?
Is the journey a pleasant one?
Do you have a good feeling about the park?
Do you feel safe when you are in the park?
Are the facilities to your liking?
Was the park in good condition?
Did the staff and management seem genuine?
Would you move in tomorrow?


Cosgrove have published this guide as a general fact sheet to assist with caravan ownership.Cosgrove cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever, for any omissions, considerations or information, in this guide when using it to purchase a caravan holiday home.

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