Beat the Post Christmas Blues!

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Kick-start your New Year resolutions early and book that caravanning holiday you've always dreamed of!

What better excuse to book a caravanning holiday than its good for your health? With the new year comes new resolutions. Maybe your goals for 2018 include getting more exercise, travelling or spending more time with family. When it comes to caravanning, do any resolutions come to mind?

Here are some ideas to add to your list of New Year’s Resolutions.

1. Spend more time with Friends and Family

Caravanning holidays are a fabulous way to spend more time with your friends and family.  Whether you take a local caravan holiday and invite friends or family to visit, purchase a holiday home or touring caravan with your family, so they can come and stay when they like.  There are a variety of different excuses to get together with your loved ones!  Make 2018 a more sociable year!

2. Fight the Buldge

Many Caravan and Holiday Parks are based in rural locations or on the outskirts of towns and cities, a great excuse to get out and about. Whether it is a brisk walk with the pooch or just have a toddle down the towpath!  The UK government recommends that we all take 30 minutes of exercise each day to help fight the bulge and improve our cardio vascular system!

3. Enjoy life more

Many of us assume that we need to make big changes to our habits, routines and/or bank balances to be happy! In reality, however, that’s not the case. Often, we already have everything we need to enjoy life—it’s just a question of prioritising what’s really important.  Focus on yourself as we all have to live with the consequences of our decisions.  Make time to relax and reconnect with ourselves.  Nurture positive relationships with friends and family and meet new people as they can introduce you to new ideas and perspectives.  Caravanning is great for meeting new people!

4. Visit more places

New places and cultures offer a different perspective on the world and add a healthy dose of inspiration and possibility to our lives.  Create a 'Bucket List' of places you've always wanted to visit and each year try to tick off places on your list and make sure they don’t just stay on your list!

5. Disconnect from the outside world

Avoid the news as it is all too easy to get down about what's going on in the world!  Take a 'digital detox' and reassess what's really important to you.  Many people report that it makes them realise how reliant they've become on instant online gratification - news when they want it, films and music on demand!

Have we missed anything?

Let us know your thoughts on our ideas on New Year's Resolutions and let us know your New Year's Resolutions too!


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