Beginners Guide to Taking a Fishing Holiday

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Fishing is for all ages, sexes and backgrounds

There's nothing better than combining a holiday with the country's biggest participation pastime - fishing! This month Ill give you some advice and tips when planning your perfect fishing holiday.

Planning your Perfect Fishing Holiday

There's and old adage that I always try to adhere to in most things I do and that is - 'Fail to Prepare - Prepare to Fail', and this applies especially when planning a fishing holiday particularly with your family, spend plenty of time in the 'research phase'. You need to decide what are your priorities in that is it to be a family holiday with dad being allowed a few hours on the bank 'after hours' or are you planning a full blown carp fishing holiday in France with several mates. This blog is really aimed at the more family oriented holiday as the French carping fishing holiday should really only be undertaken by anglers with a fair bit of experience.

On line - Google is the place to head for initially to research your requirements.

If you are planning a real family break with a bit of fishing thrown in then the various 'Holiday Parks' around the country are the places to head for. There are plenty all over the country that offer both coarse fishing and on the coast even sea fishing close by and have all the usual facilities needed for a super family holiday.

If you'd like to join us at Cosgrove Park then you wont be disappointed. If you have your own touring caravan or you would like to hire one of our superb 'Glamping Pods' the facilities and entertainment is second to none for both adults and children and the fishing just happens to be top draw!

I wont go into to much detail here about the fishing Cosgrove Park has to offer except to say that whatever your angling experience or chosen style of fishing is the park can cater for it. At Cosgrove Park we even offer free tuition to both children and also new to fishing adults during the summer holidays!

Come and join us for our free children's and new to angling adult lessons during the summer holidays

What You'll need to take

If your chosen holiday venue has a good website or brochure it should inform you what your angling requirements as to tackle and bait etc should be. Most good venues have a good fishing tackle shop either on site or close by so you don't need to take the kitchen sink with you when it comes to gear and bait.

All anglers over the age of 13 (from 13 to 16 years its free) need a Environment Agency National Rod Licence to be able to fish for coarse fish or trout or salmon in any freshwater in England and Wales. Sea angling does not require any form of 'rod licence'.

A well stocked tackle shop should be available on site or locally to all 'Holiday Anglers'

Planning a Fishing Break for the More Experienced Angler

For the more experienced anglers who wants to take a 'serious' fishing break perhaps for a weekend or maybe even a week then Google is still the place to do your research. For experienced coarse anglers you will more likely be looking at a dedicated fishery rather than a 'holiday park'. Again assess your desires and requirements. If you want to target for example big carp and are prepared to fish and wait for one then a match style commercial fishery may not be the place to head for. Likewise if you love your pole fishing for numbers of fish then somewhere like Linear Fishery in Oxfordshire is probably not the place to visit.

'Big Fish Venues' such as Linear Fisheries in Oxfordshire, Bluebell Lakes in Northamptonshire and Drayton Reservoir in Daventry offer good facilities for the long stay 'bivvy' angler and the best of big carp fishing on top.

Dedicated big carp waters such as Drayton Reservoir in Daventry provide the experienced 'bivvy' anglers with good facilities 

Again 'prepare'. Contact your chosen fishery to find out the 'SP' as to tackle and bait you'll need and techniques you'll need to catch those hoped for specimen fish.

This then is a beginners guide to the perfect fishing holiday, whatever your requirements might be. Remember to prepare and you'll enjoy a great holiday! 


Tight lines - Gary S



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