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 Cosgrove Park Stores

 Mike and Pat Cockfield have been running Cosgrove Park Stores for 13 years. Their story began when Pats sister sited her tourer here in 2002. She was due to bring the tourer onsite but had no towbar. Mike then stepped up as the loyal brother in law, and used his car to tow the caravan on site. Once sited, Mike and Pat drove around the site and discovered the hidden beauty that Cosgrove had to offer. They drove out of the park, halfway home they turned around and came into the office to purchase their first holiday home!

From there on in, they started living the dream!

 Mike and Pat relaxed through 5 Cosgrove seasons, to then be asked to take over the Cosgrove Park Store in 2007. Mike has been in retail for all of his working life, having experience in BHS, Woolworths, ASDA, Morrisons, Fine Fare and Tescos.

 The Park Stores was the new venture...

 8 years into running the shop, Mike and Pat received a nomination for Best Convenience Store in the UK. This nomination was a huge achievement for the couple, and one that they will be proud of for the rest of their lives.

 The amazing customer service carries on to this day.

  When they are not busy behind the counter of the shop, Mike and Pat enjoy quality time with their 3 children and 14 grandchildren, who visit the park regularly and see their hard working grandparents in their element, here at Cosgrove Park. 

 But they do not run the shop alone. Mike and Pat have 4 loyal members of staff; Vanessa, Pauline, Wendy and Debbie, who take it in turns, day in day out, to provide their customers with the best convenience store experience. 

 Cosgrove Park Stores holds a range of stock from your daily essentials of milk, bread and toilet rolls, to fishing lines, dog grooming sets and dartboards!

 The shelves are always stocked, the staff are always friendly and the customers are always welcome!



To find out more about Cosgrove Park Stores, click here!



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