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In this months blog I will describing just what you can expect from your angling when you visit Cosgrove Park.

If you are resident on the park whether as a holiday home or touring caravan seasonal owner, a weekend touring caravan owner or just an invited guest Cosgrove Park offers some of the most varied and prolific fishing in the UK.

A Spring evening over Swan Lake - at 20+ acres our largest lake containing some very big fish!

For Lakeside Holiday Home Owners and Lakeside Seasonal Touring Caravan Owners

You are all in a privileged position in that you have access to your own private fishing on whichever lake you are sited on. Island View, Willow View/Banks, Fountain View's 1 and 2, Mallard Lake, Teal Lake, Swan Lake, Kingfisher Lake and even the newly dug Pines Pool offer exclusive fishing from your location. This may be from your own fishing platform or on some of the lakes natural banks but whatever style of angling you like to do whether it be fishing for big carp, match style for smaller carp, bream and silverfish or pure pleasure fishing for whatever comes along you wont be disappointed.

New holiday home resident - Terry Miller with a superb Teal Lake mirror carp

All the lakes are stocked with a wide selection of species including carp, bream, tench, roach, rudd, perch, pike and some more elusive species such as chub, gudgeon, loach, ruffe and although I haven't seen one for many years eels!

A super specimen 13lb 2oz bream that I took from Swan Lake just last week

New resident Steve Jordan with a superb Kingfisher Bay common carp 

Lakes With Open Access To All Residents

Cosgrove Park has six Lakes and two pools that have open access to all residents anglers at any time, including for night fishing! 

These are Bream, Tench, Pike, Perch, Canada and Rainbow Lakes and two pools that currently are unnamed. Again these lakes are heavily stocked with the same variety of species up to specimen sizes and in fact there names do not reflect the species that can be targeted in these lakes!

We do in fact use Bream, Perch, Canada Lakes and Rainbow Pool for our series of matches we hold throughout the summer months so we make sure they are well stocked with particularly match sized carp.


Mick Gould with a recent match winning catch of carp from Canada Lake


Throughout this last winter we have done extensive improvements to these lakes with particularly pruning and removing overgrown trees and have dredged the lakes removing tons of silt improving the bottom structure and the habitat for the fish. 

Fred Jackson landing a match sized carp from the newly renovated Perch Lake (note the new island causeway in the background)

Fred with his Perch Lake prize - a stunning fully scaled mirror carp


A superb 21lb 4oz Canada Lake mirror carp for Pietro Realmuto 


The River's Great Ouse and Tove

Cosgrove Park is in an enviable position having not one but two rivers running through it. Both the River's Great Ouse and Tove offer some superb fishing 'In Season' (16th June - 14th March) especially for specimen sized chub, dace, roach, bream and a chance of a very big barbel, and for the predator angler there is a good head of pike and perch. There is approximately 1/2 mile of each river within the park that has no caravans therefore they are open for all residents to wander along and try each spot. 

Both rivers are only small at this location so they lend themselves to a roving angler with a stealthy approach!

The River Great Ouse offers some superb fishing if you have the right approach!


Mark Jones with his award winning 8lb plus Gt Ouse Cosgrove Park chub

Try The Grand Union Canal

Cosgrove Bridge over The Grand Union Canal

For angler wanting to try something a little different, the Grand Union Canal runs through Cosgrove village to within 100m of the park entrance. This section of canal is controlled by Milton Keynes Angling Club who offer both season and day tickets. 

The fishing is very good for roach, bream, big perch, carp and for the predator angler pike and a chance of a zander!

The Cosgrove section of the Grand Union offers good varied fishing

Obtaining Your Bait and Tackle

The Park Stores on site offer a small selection of tackle, groundbaits and other baits including maggots from the vending machine outside but if you require a proper fishing tackle shop I would recommend two local stores -

Gone Fishin - 26 Church Street, Wolverton, Milton Keynes MK12 5JN Tel no :- 01908 313158.

Very friendly knowledgeable staff. This store offers a discount on various items of tackle to Cosgrove Park residents on receipt of your 'pool pass'.

Fishing Republic - Stacey Bushes Trading Centre, Units 11&12 Erica Rd, Stacey Bushes, Milton Keynes MK12 6HS Tel no ;- 01908 319965.

This is a large 'Super Store' shop stocking a large selection of particularly carp fishing tackle.


So that is a quick overview for resident anglers fishing on Cosgrove Park! 

Please note angling on Cosgrove Park is only open to Park residents and there invited guests.

If you have any questions please contact reception or via email


Tightlines - Gary S

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