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At Cosgrove Park, we understand that your dog is part of your family, so why would you leave him/her behind? Bringing your pup on holiday doesn’t have to be a big hassle - A little bit of advanced prepping can be a big help to creating a stress free holiday......from what to pack...... to local dog-friendly places to visit whilst you're here, we’ve got it all covered.

Finding the Perfect Destination

The good news of course, is that Cosgrove Park is a fantastic place to holiday with your pooches. Set in 180 acres of beautiful countryside with several areas where your dogs can be let off their leads. Take a look at our map below for our designated dog walking areas.

Muddy Paws? Why not try out our new Dog Washing facility located by the Children Play area to wash away the rainy day dirt & give your pet a little pampering!



It's all in the planning...

When packing for your holiday - why not write a little check list of what you need for your dog & make sure you bring along the essentials. We would recommend the following:....

. Dog Collar & Lead

. Dog Bed/ Cage

. Their food & treats

. Pet Towel (To dry off after those long walks)

. Dogs favourite toys

Top Tip!

Do your research & get the details for the local vets - (Hopefully you won't need it) Its one of those little hassles you won't need to think about whilst your enjoying your break away!


The Journey....

They say that half the fun is getting there but when your taking your pup on holiday, a long journey can be off-putting! However, some simple prep before you go will resolve most issues result in a safe and stress-free trip. If you've never travelled with your dog before then we suggest you start preparing a few weeks before you go on holiday. It's all about creating positive associations with the car & making sure your dog feels calm throughout. Try taking them on a few small car journeys - the next time you go to the shops or why not take them to a local park by car then let them enjoy a nice run after - they will soon start to link going in the car to favourable situations.

Its always a good idea to take them for a long walk about half an hour before going on a long journey - that way they can burn off any excess energy.

Top Tip!

Put their favourite blanket & toy for comfort in the car & give them a couple treats to make them feel relaxed.


When in a vehicle, Government rules state that all animals travelling must be suitably restrained so that they cannot distract you or cause an injury to your or themselves. It is recommended you purchase a seat-belt harness, dog cage or dog guard - so it may be worth investing in one of these beforehand!



If you’re concerned about your dog getting car sick, skip feeding them before you go. The signs are usually drooling, whining and then heaving. So pay attention as you could save yourself a clean-up.

Plan regular breaks so you can let your pet stretch their legs and have a toilet break along the way.

Enjoy your break!!!

Upon arrival, make sure to get them used to their new surroundings by taking them for a little walk & then relaxing in the new accommodation. Try not to give them too much to get used to or look at as they may find it unsettling.

Whilst your here, why not visit some of these local dog-friendly places:....

. Salcey Forest:

At just a 15 minute drive (Use the Postcode: NN7 2HX to get there), why not take a trip over to Salcey forest for a walk with the family & bring your dog along.

. Willen Lake

With a range of activities to do here - including Archery, 'Splash & Play' park, & the Treetop high-ropes experience. There is something for everyone to enjoy here. With plenty of walking routes with picturesque views of the Lakes. Postocde to get here: MK15 0DS. Only a 20 minute drive from our park!


So what are you waiting for....... Book your holiday with your dogs at Cosgrove Park. Give us a call on 01908 563360.


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