It's Raining! So What It Won’t Spoil Your Holiday!

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Come on kids let’s get wet

First things first we live in the UK and we all know only too well that it rains in this country, so bearing this in mind and if you are going on a camping/caravanning holiday it’s best to be prepared for some wet days! If you are lucky and pick a good weekend or week you may not need any rainy day advice but it’s always better to be prepared.

For couples on caravanning holiday a few rainy days aren’t going to be too much of a problem, lazy afternoons snuggled up, romantic meals, reading, surfing the net and generally chillaxing will be part and parcel of your holiday. However throw a few kids into the equation and we have a totally different ball game.

Kids + Rain = Entertainment required!       

Dress Code

So even before you leave for your holiday packing the right clothes is going to be key. Pack waterproof trousers, jackets, wellies, extra socks, umbrellas, hats and gloves all of which are essential if you intend to venture outdoors on a wet day. Camping/caravanning holidays are all about the great outdoors and having fun so plenty of jeans, t-shirts and jumpers are going to be the key look you want to achieve, you aren’t going to meet many fashion victims on this type of holiday.

Having the right clothes for the weather makes even the wettest of days manageable and enjoyable. Most good campsites have laundrettes and a drying room so you will be able to wash and dry everything whilst you are away ready for the next time you need them.

What oh what shall we do?

Now we need to consider what we are going to do on those wet days. Having a mixture of things to do will make even the wettest of days enjoyable. In this article we have thought of some things you can do inside as well as outside.

Indoor Ideas

We are not going to state the obvious like spend time on the internet as your kids will do that automatically!

Send Post Cards – To make this activity last a little longer let your child think of who they want to send a card too and then let them design their own cards. You will need to have packed a small crafts box including blank postcards, glitter, pens, glue, tissue paper etc for this activity. Once the cards have been prepared you can then extend this activity by walking to the shop to purchase the stamps and then post the cards.

Play Board Games – Many families don’t play board games any more as we are often gaming on electronic devices. So the novelty of old fashioned board games like hunger hippos, snakes and ladders, mouse trap should hold your child’s attention for a while!

Drawing Games – Old fashioned drawing games like hang man, dot to dot, noughts and crosses make the perfect choice for rainy afternoons. Quick and easy and only require a few pens and bits of paper.

Keep a Holiday Diary – This can be done regardless of the weather but more time can be spent on it if it’s a rainy day. You can fill the diary with photographs from your holiday, tickets of places you’ve visited, plus any other holiday memorabilia. It's a great activity for children to do and lovely keepsake.

Outdoor Ideas

Mini Photographer – Buy your child a disposable camera or if they are lucky enough to have their own camera let them use that to take photos. These photos can then also be used in the Holiday Diary.

Go To A Place Of Interest – There are many places you can visit on a rainy day like museums, soft play areas, sports centres, cafes etc the choice is endless really but depending on your location will determine what’s actually on offer.

Check What’s Going On At The Campsite – Many good campsites have daily activities planned so pop down to the reception and check out what’s going on. 

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