Kingfisher Bay - Second Phase

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Kingfisher Bay is now in full flow of development and since my last post there has been lots of progress.

The first 8 bases have been concreted and finished, the last steps will be for them to have the services i.e. water and electricity put in and the driveways created.

The remaining 10 bases are now being worked on and are in their final stages of completion.

So far, these 10 bases have been dug out, setting out the frame work for each plot. Once this was finished, the concrete edging was put in place to create a frame.

Following this, the Type 1 stone was placed on each base to create a solid foundation, giving a it a firm structure, the Type 1 has then been covered with a sheet of polythene plastic.

Reinforced steel has been put down on to each base over the Type 1 and Polythene plastic, the reason for this is to give more of a secure and strong base before the concrete is poured.

Next week we hope to be pouring the concrete on the remaining 10 bases and this will be the final stage of the base itself.

Once all the bases are concreted they will be allowed time to dry and set, after which point the new vans can be rolled on to their new home.

Having completed this phase all 18 plots will then be ready to have all services connected including water, electricity, gas and internet connection.

The final steps will be to tarmac the new road and for the driveways to be put in.

There will be a choice of two homes to go on this development, the choice will be between an ABI Beaumont and an ABI Ambleside, both stunning modern static homes.

We have one of each on display as a show home onsite which are available for viewing.

Above ABI Ambleside Holiday Home 

The team have been working hard to ensure the full development is finished in time for the beginning of our 2019 season and we hope the weather will continue to be kind to us.

Kingfisher Bay is really coming together now, and we are so excited to see the finished results. Keep an eye out for further updates of the development as it progresses.   

Katie Spurgeon (Reception Team)

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