New Development 2018/2019 - Kingfisher Bay

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Whilst it may seem like the park is sleeping during the winter months, we have in fact been very busy bees.

Since we closed on 1st November, our team has been working tirelessly starting a development that will create 20 plots in a stunning new phase for the park.

The development will include 18 new beautiful holiday homes and 2 luxury lodges.

Over the next few months I will be following the progress, to see how our talented team turn a grass field in to a stunning holiday destination.    

One month in and Heronsfield already looks like a very different place. The process has begun with the two luxury Harrogate Lodges already being sited. Alongside them will be 18 new plots, that once complete will be home to a choice of either an ABI Ambleside, Beaumont or Westwood holiday home. 

The first step of the process has been to create the bases for the plots. Currently 8 of the 18 bases have already been dug out, getting them ready for the concrete.

Having dug out the area of each plot, the team are preparing to place concrete edging which will be used to form the frame of the plots. Once this is completed they will be ready to be filled with concrete, forming a solid base for each plot.    

Each plot will have its very own fishing platform, perfect for keen anglers to make the most of the amazing lake, and if you don’t enjoy fishing it is a great place to relax and unwind.

All 20 plots will have a lakeside view with a stunning view over Kingfisher Bay.

Providing the weather is kind to us the first 8 bases should be concreted by Christmas.  

We decided to take down the self-seeding trees that were in the area, as they have the potential to cause problems to holiday home owners in the future. However, we have taken a delivery of new trees that will be planted and strategically positioned on the development.

A large part of the process so far has been to secure the groundworks for the water wastage system on the development.

Our team has excavated the ground, placing concrete rings that will hold the large water tank. This will ensure the tank does not get damaged by the environment and stands the test of time.

We are in the process of realigning the road that sits next to the new development.

Currently the team are putting down the hardcore on the ground to make a base for the new road. The reason for this is to provide a more effective road placement for new and existing residents, as well as making room for large luxury plots and creating space for owners to enjoy their holiday homes. 

The lake has been dredged to increase the depth of the lake, this will increase benefits of fishing and will increase the amount of fish we can stock in the lake.

The development has been renamed as Kingfisher Bay and is due for completion by the end of March 2019.

Keep an eye out for my next blog for further progress of the development.  

Katie (Reception Team)

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