Top Tips On How To Enjoy A Multigenerational Holiday

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Multigenerational Holiday TipsThis type of holiday can be as rewarding as difficult, if consideration isn’t given to everyone in the party. It is inevitable that people of different ages are going to have different needs and want different things from their holiday. However you can have a fabulous multigenerational family holiday by following some of our ideas. 

Being away together with the most important people in your life is an amazing experience, watching your children playing and spending time with their grandparents is priceless.


Having enough living space is a key part to having an enjoyable holiday. When booking a campsite or holiday home make sure there is adequate space for everyone. Open plan accommodation is ideal as there is room for everyone to be together and if anyone needs a bit of quiet time then a bedroom can always be used as a bit of a retreat.

Work Together.

To make the holiday a success, talk to everyone in the family to find out what activities everyone would like to do. Then once all the ideas are thrown in the pot you can work out an itinerary so everyone gets to do something they want during the holiday.

How Much Time.

Be realistic about how much time you want to spend away with everyone, if this is your first multigenerational holiday perhaps a long weekend to see how you all get on would be a good idea. Best to leave wanting more rather than counting down the days till you can escape and get back home.


How the holiday is paid for and how you will split the costs is another aspect that will need addressing. How things are paid for maybe reflected by peoples incomes and how many times you dine out etc. Discuss this with the other adults before you make any firm arrangements.

Planning Meals.

If you are going on a self-catering holiday then sharing the cooking and having a meal plan that will suit everyone is a good idea. With so many people being either veggie/vegan/gluten or lactose intolerant it is important to make sure the meals suit everyone’s requirements.


Remember it is everyone’s holiday and everyone should chip in and do their bit. Don’t take advantage of the grandparents and expect them to be built in baby sitters! Have a family meeting before the holiday and find out who is comfortable doing what, it’s likely that the best cook in the family will end up doing most of the cooking, but make sure there are a few meals prepared for that person too!  Also don’t forget to involve the children if they are of an age they are more than capable of taking out the rubbish and doing a bit of washing up.

Ground Rules.

If you are taking children from two families away, you need to have some ground rules before you go. Decide how relaxed you are going to be on bed times and food etc. Agree about discipline as well, are you happy for Auntie Jess to tell your children off or would you prefer to deal with this yourself?

Quiet Times.

As much as it’s fun planning trips out, cycling, swimming, fishing or any other kind of activity it is also important for everyone to have some down time. Children may need an afternoon nap if they are allowed to stay up later at night. And grandparents may find all the activities tiring and may want some quite afternoons in the garden or relaxing inside.

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