Why a UK Holiday is better than going abroad

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The 'Staycation' is on trend right now with approx 30% of Brits holidaying in the UK in 2017, along with 42% of Brits enjoying both a break abroad & another within the UK.... With so many benefits, its no wonder a total 72% of UK citizens chose to delight in a holiday closer to home & these numbers are continuing to increase through 2018. Take a look at our list of advantages.....



Despite the obvious layout of expensive flights & airport transfers, there are also a lot of other financial outgoings such as Airport parking, Currency commission, Travel inoculations, & pet kennels that all add up to making a pretty costly trip away - things you won't have to worry about should you swap the exotic holidays abroad for the British countryside. Cutting these elements out and holidaying in the UK could save you a fortune!!! Our Touring pitches prices start from only £35.00 per night - so why not book a couple of nights with your touring caravan/ motorhome or camper van & fall in love with our beautiful park.


Less Travel Time

Waiting at airports....... potential delays....... hours on a flight........ - that's a lot of time spent travelling to another country. You don't have to venture too far from home in the UK to find somewhere new & exciting to explore. This can be a lifesaver when travelling with children and dogs. Travelling from the North - Turn off at Junction 15 M1 or Junction 14 M1 if coming from the South - And your only a 20 minute drive to our park. The park is easily accessible from Milton Keynes & Northampton too!


More Frequent Holidays

Reducing the travel time & cost by staying in the UK = You can holiday more frequently, even if its just for weekends away.  Many people that own holiday homes in the UK spend most weekends staying at their home away from home. These frequent breaks can be just what you need to combat any stresses and enjoy some quality time with loved ones! At Cosgrove Park we are open for 7 months of the year (April - November) so holiday home owners can come & go as they please throughout our open season.


No Passports or Visas Required

Having to organise visas or remember if your passport is in date can be a big hassle, especially when you've got the whole family in tow! Staying in the country means you won't need any of this documentation - just sit back, relax & enjoy your well deserved break without the stress.

New Friends

Families who choose Cosgrove Park as their holiday location often find that they make long lasting friends with their neighbours - and their children often find new friends at our play park or through the events we hold on site. Some even find they come back time and again, meeting up with the same families and seeing friendships blossom over the years.


Home From Home

Having your own touring caravan, motorhome or static holiday home can be a delight when going on holiday - no worrying about your accommodation & all your luxuries are already there - which means less packing to do - bonus!!! Most holiday home owners at Cosgrove Park live in in the surrounding borders of Buckinghamshire & Northamptonshire & choose to stay with us most nights throughout the 7 months we are open as their caravan is like a second home. And you can bring your pets along for the trip - More reasons to love the 'Staycation'.

Everything you could wish for....

So outlining just a few of the many advantages of staying in the UK is the reason why so many Brits are choosing to book a holiday within the UK. Why not book your next holiday a little closer to home?

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