Why Caravanning Is So Good For You!

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Unfortunately for most of us we all have to deal with stress on a day to day basis’s. Whether it’s a stressful drive to the office, money worries, health problems, loss of a job or bereavement all these are difficult situations which can make our life’s stressful, so how do we deal with stress?


Some say that meditation will help and that focusing on positive thoughts will combat stress. They suggest shutting off and focusing on your breathing, emptying your mind of all thoughts with the goal of reaching a higher level of awareness and an inner calm. With time and practice meditation can be part of your day to day life and in turn will help you deal with stress.

There are many techniques to meditation including, following your breath, body scan, repeating a mantra, concentrate on a simple visual object, heart chakra meditation, walking meditation and lastly practice visualization.

Let’s look at just one technique – Visualization. When practicing visualization the idea is to take yourself somewhere peaceful and calm a place that is your sanctuary. Some may find this place to be a beach, at the top of a mountain or in a field full of corn. It may be a place they have been or a place they would like to go.


But what if visual meditation isn’t right for you and you feel that you need to physically leave your environment to combat stress. This is where a holiday could help and a caravanning holiday is an ideal place to de-stress.

Caravan Holidays

A caravanning holiday for some is a welcomed break; it is relatively cheap holiday and can be enjoyed for just a few days or weeks at a time depending on your time restraints. Going on a caravan holiday doesn’t take months of planning either and can be a spontaneous choice, you are able to pack and go whenever you feel the urge to get away. Being able to get back to basics; enjoying BBQs outside, being close to nature in the fresh air and far away from the day to day schedules back at home, all helps with the de-stressing process.

Whilst away the choice and level of activities you participate in is entirely up to you, whether you want to sit with your toes in the grass reading a book or deciding you want to take part in sports like fishing, canoeing, or biking. If you do take part in physical exercise even a gentle walk every day this will help with stress. It’s important to do something that you will enjoy whether its fishing or yoga, adding 20 minutes of exercise to your day will help manage stress. Caravanning is also a very social holiday spending time with family or friends gives you a sense of purpose and belonging. Being with people you love has a truly calming effect. Having fun and laughing will certainly lift your spirits and as they say laughter is the best medicine of them all. The benefit of a caravan holiday is you are in control and can do as little or as much as you want. Whatever you decide to do on your holiday a break away from home will enable you to relax and unwind.

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