Wi-Fi Access At Cosgrove Park

Whilst some of our customers like to use their time at Cosgrove Park to completely immerse themselves in the unspoilt beauty of the Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire countryside, others enjoy spending time surfing the internet from the comfort of their holiday home or touring caravan.
For your enjoyment, the majority of Cosgrove Park benefits from a large-scale wireless broadband network providing unlimited internet access for customers on their Wi-Fi enabled laptops or PCs.

Online Security

Cosgrove Park’s secure authentication system prohibits additional users from using your unique user name and password.  It also monitors all connections to the network and automatically reports any misuse.

Getting Started

To help customers get online, we have produced an Easy Start Guide which can be collected from the Main Office.

Any Wi-Fi enabled laptop or PC which conforms to the 802.11g standard can connect to Cosgrove Park’s wireless network.


Whilst we are proud to have installed a reliable wireless network at Cosgrove Park, we cannot guarantee our customers an uninterrupted service due to external factors which are beyond our control.  Atmospheric conditions in the Milton Keynes area, radio interference and service provider issues can all have an impact on performance from time to time. 

WI-FI Tarrif

Speak to reception for more information. 

Contact Number

01908 563360

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