Fishing Match Results

Fishing Match Results

Points standings for the 2018 match series and previous match results........

Fishing Match Results for 2018..............


Saturday 12th May 2018

19 anglers turned out for the 3rd match of the 2018 series held on Grebe and Mallard Lakes. The weather quite good but with a strong cool Westerly wind. The fishing on both lakes was equally good but several anglers who had found fish had major issues with heavy weed and tree snags and in fact almost as many carp were lost as were caught!

1st Place = Jacob Harris

Jacob was drawn on peg 11 on Grebe lake found some nice carp and a superb tench by fishing long pole tight to the island with maggots over groundbait and micro's. Jacob caught early and late in the match to weigh in 16lb 5oz.

2nd Place = Nigel Brown

Nigel had drawn peg 6 on Grebe Lake, he caught several perch using waggler float tactics but it was his ledgered pellet that caught the fish that everyone was after. Nigel took a long lean 10lb 10oz common carp that not only helped him to a 2nd place catch of 11lb 3oz but is the largest fish taken in a match so far this year!

3rd Place = Tony Allison

Tony was drawn on peg 26 a fancied area of Mallard Lake. Fishing pole tactics Tony used maggots over groundbait and micros taking 6 small carp to weigh-in 9lb 14oz.



Saturday 12th May 2018

15 anglers turned out for the 2nd match of the 2018 series but this was the first of the year held on Grebe and Mallard Lakes. The weather was very nice for fishing being dull and overcast but quite warm. Grebe Lake didn't really fish to its potential with quite a lot of tree debris in the water causing several very big carp to be lost on match gear, however for those anglers pegged on Mallard Lake it was a different ball game with most pegs producing lots of this years stock of some of the most beautiful little carp - in fact the winning weight of this match is the new venue match weight record! 

1st Place = Lee Millen

Lee was drawn on peg 26 - Mallard Lake and found he had a positive hoard of the new stock of carp in his swim and from the whistle set about plundering them with a short pole (top kit + 2) set up feeding groundbait, maggots and micros. Lee caught steadily all match to weigh in 59lb 6oz that as stated above is a new venue match record!

This is just a part of Lee's winning catch!

2nd Place = Tony Allison

Tony was drawn on peg 23 - Mallard Lake and despite a slow start on the feeder soon found a shoal of hungry 'stockies' on the pole line at 10m and once he'd scaled his pole elastic down caught steadily for the rest of the match using maggot on the hook feeding maggots and micros! Tony weighed in 43lb 7oz.

3rd Place = Neil Kilsby

Neil was drawn on peg 27 at the top of Mallard Lake in the next peg to Lee. Neil used an unusual method of fishing a pellet waggler set up to be able to fish a far bank bay but at full depth which is where a shoal of 'stockie carp' were feeding. Using maggot Neil caught over 20 to weigh in 33lb 4oz.



Saturday 21st April 2018

19 anglers turned out for the first match of the 2018 season held on Canada Lake and Moorhen Pool. The weather conditions were very bright, sunny and warm. Recent form particularly on Canada Lake suggested that big weights of carp were on the cards, but the carp proved to be quite localised and quite a few anglers blanked!

1st Place = John Hayes

John had drawn peg 14 tight in the corner of Canada Lake and despite losing several good carp in the close by snags he managed to land a good selection of the new stock and some older bigger carp on standard open end and block end feeder tactics to weigh in 25lb 6oz.

2nd Place = Rob Rendle

Rob had drawn peg 15 that was on Moorhen Pool. Despite the very clear water conditions Rob managed to find the carp quite close in on the near shelf and caught using pole tactics with maggots taking a good net of carp to weigh in 14lb 3oz.

3rd Place = Gary Setchell

Gary had drawn peg 17 in the corner of Moorhen Pool and even though the water clarity was making the carp very wary with the wind blowing into his corner Gary found some carp prepared to intercept maggots on the drop! Gary took four beautiful little carp to weigh in 7lb 2oz.



Fishing Match Results for 2017..............


Saturday 14th October 2017

14 anglers turned out for the final match in the 2017 series held on Grebe and Mallard Lakes. Despite the very good weather conditions being warm but dull and overcast the fishing proved very difficult for almost all the anglers. Only 1 small perch was caught on Grebe lake! and only 5 anglers in total weighed in!

1st Place = Paul Hickson

Paul had drawn peg 26 on Mallard Lake. He fished method feeder tactics to the far tree line and took 2 lovely fish a good bream and a nice carp to weigh in 11lb 14oz

2nd Place = Nick Hampson

Nick drawn next to Paul on peg 25 on Mallard Lake also fished feeder tactics to the far bank tree line. Nick took 1 lovely carp of 8lb 7oz

3rd Place = Gary Setchell

Gary had drawn peg 21 tight in the corner on Mallard Lake. Gary couldn't find any decent fish throughout the match but managed to catch a nice perch and a nice roach using the pole to weigh in 4oz



Saturday 23rd September 2017

13 anglers turned out for the penultimate match in the 2017 series held on Canada Lake. The form of the lake looked good although it has been fishing much better in the afternoon and evening and so it proved during the match. Despite the weather conditions appearing very good being pretty warm but dull and overcast the fishing proved very hard for almost all the anglers. Only 2 carp were caught but it was the lack of silver fish that surprised everyone and only 5 anglers weighed in!

1st Place = Mick Wilson

Mick had drawn peg 4. Early on he fished a method feeder to the island margin and took a stunning mirror carp of 9lb 8oz and despite trying pole tactics as well could not find another fish but that one fish was enough to take the win. Also at this time Mick's carp is the biggest taken in a match this year! Superbly this is Mick's 4th win of the season and now gives him a good lead in the points championship.

2nd Place = Robert Flack

Robert was pegged in the corner on peg 14. Despite losing a couple of carp in the snags Rob managed to land a nice common of 4lb 11oz using feeder tactics and take 2nd place.

3rd Place = Dave Swaden

Dave had drawn peg 13. Although Dave lost a carp early in the match he was one angler who managed to find an number of small silver fish and took 20 or more roach, rudd and perch on the pole to weigh in 15oz.


Saturday 9th September 2017

Today we held the 6th fishing match in the 2017 series on Canada Lake. 14 anglers turned out in reasonable weather conditions of mixed sunshine and overcast with temperatures of around 16oC. Form suggested the lake had been fishing better during the late afternoon and evening and so it proved with several blanks, however the top weights were made up with catches of carp.

1st Place = Gary Setchell

Gary was drawn on peg 13. He fished a method feeder to the far margin rushes and despite losing 3 carp managed to land 2 nice carp and later took lots of silver fish on the pole to weigh in 11lb 12oz and take the win.

2nd Place = George Flack

George was drawn on peg 1. He fished a method feeder to the rush margin in the bay and took 2 beautiful common carp to weigh in 9lb 5oz.

3rd Place = Mick Gould

Mick was drawn on peg 14 right in the corner of the lake. Again Mick lost several carp due to the snaggy nature of this peg but managed to land 2 nice carp to weigh in 8lb 15oz. Things may have been different had he landed the carp that managed to hook itself 2 minutes from the end of the match. The fish pulled Mick's rod in before he could take hold of it and despite running in to the lake up to his waist lost the rod and the fish! Fortunately after the match had finished another angler managed to cast out in peg 14, hook and retrieve said rod minus the fish!




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