Sustainability and Environmental Statement

We are dedicated to achieving high standards of socially and environmentally sustainable business practices.

At Cosgrove Park we are constantly looking for ideas to improve our methodology in keeping with “the green way”.  We very much want to provide a holiday experience of high quality whilst supporting our local community and preserving our beautiful riverside and woodland surroundings for the prosperity and enjoyment of what we do both now and for our future generations.

What we do

We pro-actively participate in good Environmental practices to include:

  • use low energy bulbs
  • Use of thermostatically controlled heating
  • Light sensors installed in the Laundry Room
  • Use of water by guests is controlled through a variety of initiatives for example, small shower heads, dual flush in toilet cisterns. Water is heated through eco instantaneous Boilers (no stored water). 
  • Check water taps and pipes for leaks.
  • Cover the outdoor heated swimming pool in the evening to retain heat.
  • Ask our customers to walk to activities and events on the park.

Environmental Statement

Our aim is to continually improve all aspects of our park to ensure that:

1) we minimise the collective impact our park and its visitors have on the environment
2) we actively seek ways to improve the natural environment and wildlife of the park
3) consider our staff, the local community and local economy
4) consider the impact our purchasing actions have on other communities

The aims of the statement will be carried out in the following areas.

Sustainability and Resource Management

We will assess the environmental impact of all our future developments. We also continue to look closely at our current operations, adopting eco-friendly measures where possible, in order to ensure our efforts to minimise our carbon foot print and be sustainable are the best we can manage.

We are committed to reducing the pollution and waste produced by our park.

We aim to reduce the consumption of raw materials, energy and supplies on our park, using sustainable alternatives where ever possible.

We expect high environmental standards from all our suppliers and contractors.

Local Suppliers

We are keen to use local suppliers where possible.We also always use local tradesmen and local suppliers for building and park maintenance supplies.


Employ local staff and tradesmen and suppliers for site work where ever possible.

Supporting the Local Community

  • Maintain an updated website with clear directions to avoid visitors getting lost and driving through the lanes.
  • Provide seasonal touring pitches which reduce the need for towing.
  • Promote Things to Do within the locality of the park. Advertise local independent shops, pubs and restaurants.
  • Provide details of dog walks / footpaths / local walks and public transport to reduce use of cars whilst on holiday.


All domestic waste is collected by vehicles which are all certified CarbonNeutral® and taken for treatment at Energy from Waste (EfW) facilities.  Our waste contractor have their own modern EfW facility, a joint venture with Viridor, at Colnbrook, near Slough.

The EfW facility operates under strict Environment Agency controls, incinerating all our waste at high temperature. The heat that is produced is then used to power a steam turbine, which in turn generates electricity for export to the National Grid.

The Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) is recovered and recycled for use as a substitute for natural aggregate, while the Air Pollution Control residues (APCr), ash which is left behind as the plant turns residual waste into sustainable energy, is recycled into a high quality lightweight aggregate called C8Aggregate (C8Agg).

Together, these technologies mean that our waste achieves zero waste to landfill.


We actively enhance the environment and bio-diversity of the park wildlife by enhancing habitat areas, continuing to plant native trees and shrubs and local species. We hope to encourage insects and birds.We ask visitors to respect the plants and wildlife and instruct children not to harm them.

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